Your magic causes my wings to grow
In span and real.
They have become all the clothes I need
And, by the cool skin of my body, I feel
My way to you.

The thrust of air beneath each feather
Reminds me of the pleasure I had forgotten.
I pull myself through dizzying heights
On my way towards the Sun.

You give me the strength to fly to you
Halfway around the Earth
And I find you naked in the icy sea
And I come down to share the Sunís warmth.

My wings wrap themselves around us
To form a small cocoon
And, in this womb, we warm ourselves
With the friction of moist bodies joining,
And the syllables from your mouth,
Each like shining eggs or miniature suns.

I gaze at one for some time
And then place it gently between your legs,
And it grows and brightens our sun-warmed feathered cocoon,
And continues to grow until it reaches around the Earth,
So that the worlds of dream and waking become one.