Consisting of, containing, covered with, or soaked with, water or other liquid; soaked with moisture; having water or other moisture upon the surface; as, wet land; a wet cloth; wet with tears, perspiration, blood; wet cheeks; wet as a drowned rat.
Rainy; esp., abounding in rains; as the wet season; wet weather; wet locality. Foreboding or apt to be followed by rain, snow, etc.; as, a wet sky.  See wet wind. Laden with or bearing moisture or vapor; as, a cold, wet draft of air.
Grown in wet  or damp soil; as, a wet crop.
Moistened or dampened, as by sprinkling with or dipping in water; as, erase it with a damp sponge.
Not yet dry;--said of an application of some liquid to a surface or of the surface so treated; as, wet paint; ink still wet on the page; wet newsprint.
Of fish, fresh; not dried.
Preserved, as by bottling, in  a liquid.
Lax in the observances of one’s sect;--said orig. and usually of Friends.
Intoxicated or somewhat intoxicated; also, addicted to intoxicating liquors. Marked or characterized by the drinking of intoxicating liquors; as, to make a wet night of it.
Consisting of intoxicating liquors; as, a wet cargo.  See wet goods. Trafficking in liquor; as, a wet canteen. Permitting, or not prohibiting or marked by the prohibition of, as, a wet town or county; a wet Sunday; hence pertaining to or concerned with the principle or policy of permitting such traffic; as, the wet issue; favoring or in favor of this principle or policy; opposed to prohibition; as, a wet candidate; to vote wet;--opposed to dry.
Wrong; misguided; crazy; “off”; as he’s all wet; that’s a wet idea.
Employing, or done by means of or in the presence of, water or other liquid; as, the wet extraction of copper, in distinction from dry extraction, in which dry heat or fusion is employed; the wet process or way.
Of containers, designed to contain liquids; as, a wet cask or barrel; also, of or pertaining to such containers; as wet coopering; a wet cooper.
Having a tendency to take water or spray over the bows or sides;--said of a vessel or a small boat.
Humid, damp, moist.
wet-air, wet-bulb, wet-cheeked,
wet-eyed, wet-footed, wet-lipped,
wet-pipe, wet-plate, wet-worked
--with a wet finger. Without difficulty; easily; readily; also, lightly.
Water or wetness; moisture.
Have a cloth and wipe away the wet.
Rainy or drizzly weather; rain; also, a shower or a spell of rain.
Liquor or esp., a drink of liquor.
One in favor of allowing the sale of intoxicating liquors--opposed to dry.
--to take wet.  To be injuriously affected by wetness.
To make wet; to fill, soak, or moisten, with water or other liquid; as, to wet a sponge; to wet the hands; to wet cloth. “The scene did draw tears from me and wetted my paper.”
To make tea by pouring boiling water on the leaves.
To take a drink or treat to drink in celebration or honor of; as, to wet a bargain; to wet a commission.
To become wet.
To exude or diffuse water or other moisture; as, to rain, to sweat, to urinate.
To drink liquor;--also with up.
Soak, moisten, dampen.
wet down, wet off, wet one’s whistle or one’s clay,
wet out, wet the other eye, wet-airpump,
wet bargain, wetbird, wet blanket,
wet bob, wet brain, wet-bulb thermometer,
wet butt, wet cell, wet-clean,
wet cooper, wet cupping, wet dock,
wet feet, wet flashover voltage, wet fly,
wet fog, wet gas, wet goods,
wet measure, wet meter, wet mill,
wet mix, wet-my-lip, wetness,
The quality or state of being wet; also, something wet, as a wet spot.
wetness fraction, wet northern, wet nurse,
wet pack, wet-pipe system, wet-plate process,
wet-process machine, wet provisions, wet puddling,
wet return, wet rot, wet-salt,
wet-season, wet-shod, wet steam,
wettable.  That may be wetted.
wettable sulfur, wetted, wetted perimeter
Wetter.  One who or that which wets; a workman who wets the work in various manufacturing processes.
Wetting.  Act of one who or that which wets, or state of being wet; as, to get a wetting.
A liquid used to make something wet, or to moisten it; as, to use milk as the wetting for dough.
A small drink of liquor; a nip; a drop.
wettish, wet way, wet wind.