ALL Souls Now Share the Spiritual Food

I want to tell you about that day.

THAT DAY!, my friends, when the Good Lord will raise the Dead right outta HELL!

Thereíll be thunderiní [Stamping feet] and bells will be aclanginí LOUD! [Loud bells and gongs]

And, youíll just barely be able to here the Earth open herself up with a big olí Sigh! [Sighs].

And, the heat from the Earth will feel like the heat from that good olí Sun
which will have gotten much HOTTER!!  (Lord, Iím burniní.)

Hotter, I say, from all that great love thatís bindiní ALL SOULS together. (Love the Lord.)

You see that Sun? (Yes!)

Itís so bright you canít look at it, but you SEE it and you FEEEL it!  (I feel it, Brother!)

You feel that warmth from the love of all those good souls huddled up there in Heaven.

And who do they love?! (The Lord!)

Yeah, they love the Lord and they love YOU!!

Yes, YOU, my friends, Ďcause you their children.

And, they even be burní for those poor souls who werenít so good;

Those who come up late Ďcause they been burniní with SHAME!

But the Lord knows, and all those good souls in Heaven know,  they just forgot their Lord! (Praise the Lord!)

And on that day . . . Mercy gets BIG! (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!)

Iím sayiní it gets SOOO Big!

BIGGER . . . than even justice ever was.

EVERYBODY gets to feel all the warmth from Godís LOVE!

And what is it that holds all this universe together? (God!  Love!)

Thatís right, my friends, Godís great Love holds us all together and gives us life.

What if you didnít love your children?! (No! No! No!)

What if your folks didnít love you?! (No!)

Weíre all folks and weíre all one people bound together by our Love!  (I love you, Brother!)

And on that day . . . (Oh Lord, come quickly!)

The Good Lord cometh and we all see EVERYTHING in a NEW LIGHT of understanding.  (Show me the light!)

We see all by the Light of the Lord!  (Amen!)

And there will be no evil!  (Amen!)

(And then what happens?)

Well . . . I donít know.  (What?!)

The Lord hadnít told me yet.  (Well, pray to the Lord!  We go to the Lord!)

Yeah, we go to the Lord all right,

But I donít know if we become part of Him or separate and loved by Him. (Part of Him! Loved by Him!)

Do we then cease to exist?

That might be more like a hell to somebody.   (Amen! [in a very small voice])

But, all I can say is that it will be SOOO GOOD! (Amen!)

And, even if itís not what we wanted or expected, it will be better Ďcause of all this love.  (Love the Lord!)

And, the lord told me that all this GOODNESS will be for EVERYBODY,

And weíll all feel the love cominí outta EVERBODY

Even those devils and monsters of HELL!!

ĎCause everybodyís got to have this love if the story ever gonna end.

And if that storyís never gonna end, then what happens?  (What happens, Brother?)

It just goes around and around and around . . .

Now, to some people thatís good.  (It is!  No, end the story, Brother!)

Itís not in my hands.

I donít decide how that storyís gonna end.

Only the Lord knows.  (Praise the Lord!  Ainít he gonna tell us?!)

I donít reckon the Lordís gonna tell us . . .

But you know even if it keeps goiní around and around, itís what the Good Lord wants.  (Praise the Lord!)

See, my friends, you canít limit the Lord by what you think you want.

Maybe the end you were expectiní just came and went.

Every plague has been the rapture,

And those doomed to Hell are just waitiní for our and the Lordís love to help raise them up.

Thatís what the Lord wants because he loves us ALL

And the time has come for us to love each other.  (I love you brother!  Even Hitler?)

Well, the Lord could decide he hadnít stayed quite long enough

But, you know, someday even heís got to come up.

Lord knows, heís got to be ashamed even by now!

If this gonna work, we got to feel sorry for all the sinners Ďcause we all are sinners, arenít we? (Forgive me, Lord!)

We ask for our forgiveness, Lord,

But, we donít ask until weíve forgiven those who have sinned against us.  (I forgive!)

I ask you, my brothers and sisters, to forgive me for not knowiní all the answers.  (Only God knows!)

We GOTTA love and thatís all there is to it!

Weíre gonna help the Lord make something happen with our LOVE!

And weíre gonna help end some of that eternal sufferiní

Even if the story keeps on goiní around.

ĎCause the next storyís gonna be in Heaven.

That next storyís gonna be with the LORD!  (Amen! [Applause])