The Aesthetics of Our Love

During our first kiss
All that has been known of art and aesthetics was expressed.
From then on, every nuance in our expressions of love
Has crossed the very limits
Of all human consciousness.
I have spiraled into your soul
As you have spiraled into mine,
And now, we move as one,
Yet, by two, create a complexity
Which so seizes our attention
That it causes us to stop breathing,
Or living,
To live so fully in the moment
That time ceases to exist.
Microscopic movements
Take us beyond ourselves
So that there can be no apex or plateau
Because heaven has no limits,
And our love is not even bound to heaven.
Only you and I together
Can be filled with heavenly light
While reaping great treasures
From the hellish depths of our souls.
Some might say we become the media
Of higher (or lower) spiritual entities
By which they may express themselves
In this our physical world.
Others would say the phenomenonIs simply the result
Of two strikingly similar systems
Merging to produce arresting complexities.
All that is necessary to say
Is that I love you
And you love me
And so long as we truly love
Love's beauty blossoms beyond measure.