Dear God/dess, Great Spirit who has given me strength and comfort, insight and understanding, love and creativity, please watch over me now and help me find the best way that I can serve you and others.  I have sacrificed a lot in order to go my own unique way.  Help me make this way work for others or help me to change so that I may go a way that will help me be a better person.  Protect me from the dangers inherent in “unique ways”, namely pride and a narrow viewpoint limited by my path.  Help me find those who can best benefit and appreciate those gifts you have given me.  Help me be a better father who can support his family.  If my path is good, please help so that it better serves the needs of my family.  Lately it seems to often be in conflict with my duties as a father.  Also, please help me serve others in broader ways so that I may work more meaningfully to the benefit of everyone.  Help make me a better, more responsible, citizen of our planet.

Thank you for the strength you have given me to endure.  Thank you for the many blessings that have come from a path of serving you in the only way I know.  Amen.