Thus igniting the pillar of the world.
Once long ago the Earth was a man
And Heaven was the woman
Who marked the body of the land
With love scratches of meteors and cosmic rays.
Before, as a boy, the Earth had the cool
Easy confidence of one quality,
One personality, whom everyone knew at school,
But no woman had yet come into his life during those simple days.
Soon after, however, a woman pulled him into her gravitational field
With the shining and blinding beauty of her face,
And her violent and explosive passion caused him to yield
And be absorbed by the caresses of her vast body and other feminine ways.
Thereafter the Earth could no longer see beyond his love
And his calm facade was now replaced
By a white-hot burning for his woman up above.
His life now left its straight and narrow course as he entered into her maze.
The Earth became like several people in one;
Bloody warrior, tender father, vagabond
All appeared in the course of the love-making which was never done.
Even now Heaven and Earth are engaged in their erotic plays.
And the Earth’s penis grew and has been growing ever since
From the fluids of his body slowly coaxed
By her warm moist breath and heavenly scents
That permeated his whole being and teased him into a dream-like haze.
Yet a low tremor hummed deep from his brain to his toe;
A sign of raging hot fluid accumulating
And that sooner or later it all must flow,
But, for millions of years, in spite of the pressure and the heat, it stays.
But when Heaven’s vagina slipped around that mountain like a hurricane’s eye,
Her cloud-like breasts brushing against all his creeks and buttes,
What had been held back was suddenly released and did fly
And spread oozing around his body causing his skin and hair to blaze.
Gases and fluids of both Heaven and Earth did mix
Which caused life to come into being
And be nourished by his body and Heaven’s continuous licks.
From life was born new life and on until fishes, reptiles, mammals and humans were raised.
And now, as we gaze
Upon the Earth it seems to laze,
But those lovers are forever crazed
And Earth’s body is always ablaze
Inside until the next new phase
When Earth’s great pillar once again is raised
And no one will remain alive to read this praise
Until a gentle heat opens out all nature.