He stood humming softly to himself until a great light shone down on him from the sky.  The light seemed to rain on him like a shower of glowing particles, each causing his flesh to erupt into a blinding luminescence.  No one could continue looking at him but they heard his humming turn to loud screams, varying in pitch like the voices of thousands of ancient spirits.  I shaded my eyes to watch him but no human form remained.  The event occurring in and with the light expanded, stretching upwards towards the sky while also seeming to bore down deep into the Earth.  Purple hued vapor rotated, encircling the pillar of light just where the light crossed the Earthís surface.  A glowing golden orb erupted out of the bowels of the Earth through the center of the densest part of the light.  Then came another and another, exploding upwards like Roman candles.  Each flaming ball left the Earth like a ship traveling to another planet.  There were many of them.  Perhaps there was one for every world in the universe inhabited by life.  The pillar seemed to dim some after every eruption.  Itís length lessened also until, once again, the human form was visible.  In another ten minutes all could see the dull gray form of an exhausted man.  I rushed to him and he smiled quietly at me before going to sleep.