I had put Death off.
I hadn't looked for him,
Nor had I thought enough about him to be afraid.
How can there be so many options?
Life after Death's visits,
Union with God
Who may be nothing
Without life;
And, nothing is what we become,
Perfect union with God,
Ceasing to exist.
Life's illusions are sweet,
Full of God's perfect love
Greater than the flawed love of humans.
Yet human love is all that teaches love
And hope for something greater
So that we can keep on until
Nothing happens.
God was seen by those who suffered,
In His purest form;
No form.
God teaches by abandoning His pupils.
He tests their faith in Nothing
And all must see themselves as a part of his great Nothing.
"No Man" blinded the great cyclops.
The great all-seeing eye sees
Nothing justifies hurting others.
Nothing could be so sweet as Death
In a world of Nothing.