The following are reactions to the sound piece, Mockingbirds in Dreamland, by teenagers from the Santa Fe Indian School where I was working as a substitute teacher from 1991-1995:

“I saw an eagle flying towards the center of the earth dragging me along with my fears and sad eyes to a special dwelling place where the eagle lays to rest, I feel the strength going through my body, it leaves my heart and fills my soul with an inner power so everlasting giving me the happiness I now feel, I am a most unique person and I love myself for who I am.  Thank the eagle and his majestic power to take me on his journey to be renewed and refreshed.”

“What I pictured in my mind as I listened to the different sound effects of the birds was a lot of people gathering together and all was happy to see one another.  The pleasant sound of the birds made me feel so relaxed, I felt like I was somewhere else.  In another time and place.  Having a tape that has records.  Sounds such as this one would really make me feel relaxed and that extra load off my shoulders.

“The energy I now feel now, was all because of a couple or few sounds that were new to my ears.  The sounds bring out the best in me, like to be happy and think of all the people you love and what life is all about.”

“What I was thinking about was I was left off at my dream when I was hanging on a cliff about to fall.  Then there was a bird which started flying around me.  I could feel and see what that bird is seeing and feeling.  I relaxed and the dream was gone.  I could imagine flying all around the cliff and through the forest.  Was a trip.”

“I imagined my friend walking towards one of the streets and I was on the other side of the street.  I tried calling my friend but he couldn’t hear me.”

“I imagined I was in some kind of maze.  I felt safe but I was lost.  A lot of the time I could see something but if I had to identify it I couldn’t.  The maze was in a cave-like place underground and had water in it.”

“I saw a lot of lights flashing in front of me.”

“I saw a bunch of birds.”