A new seed of Aeneus,
Son of Venus and descended
From Jupiter and Electra,
Regained the glory lost
By Paris when Helenís beauty
Was seized back through treachery
And the sacrifice of children
By the House of Atreus.
Parisí glory was also dimmed
By Helenís deceit.

Yet, today, Venus has blessed
A new Helen with a beauty
Both inside and out,
Thus grace is shown
In her manner and words
And her devotion to God,
The beauty of her face,
The curve of her breasts,
Her intoxicating scent . . .

And she freely gives
Herself to loveís ravagings
By Parisí and Erosí kin.
And of all the battles
He has lost and won
Thereís no greater glory and honor
Than that she loves him alone.

This was Venusí promise
To the descendants of her Aeneus,
That they might love and be loved;
Not the glory of Rome,
For what would the Goddess of Love
Have to do with the fighting of men?