"True Friendship" Rap

"What you say is too good to be true.
You've lost a screw
And she just loves you
Because your new,
And if she's so cute,
You're no beaut,
And she's just as likely to like me too.
Surely you knew
How people really do.
If you can win a coupe
Then a coupe can just as well happen to you.
How could you two
Think you're of the few
That can stick like glue
Fit like Cinderella's shoe?
You just like to screw
And that's all you wanna do
Without paying your dues
And not getting the blues
From those little family feuds.
Sex is addictive like boose
And you're to scared to loose,
Someone's who's willing to schmooze
And hasn't found others to choose
Who are certainly better than you.
I'm just telling you
What you already knew
That's love's not true.
It can't happen to you
I'm a friend to you
I don't want to see you blue.
And I'd like to meet her too;
Check her out for you.
And, since she's probably too good for you,
It's would only be right for me to take her from you.
Heh, what are friends for?"