Epilogue to New Mysteries

Birdman, Lizard, Lion, Dog and Mockingbird continued to meet every week until they were able to work out further details for their new fraternal society. Thereafter they met once a month for a ritual designed by one member. Once a year they perfomed a "novena," a nine-day ritual which was designed collaboratively. Lion and Dog collaborated on extensive academic research on various matrilineal clan systems in order to help lay the ground rules for passing on their society's traditions.

This type of organization became very popular. A few more people joined the group's society and many more formed their own. A new movement, popularly known as The New Mystery Movement, grew world-wide with Birdman acting as its principal missionary. The documentation for these first meetings was turned into a one-act play which became very popular, especially at schools, due to its healthy promotion of cultural diversity. Also, Birdman continued using his poem as an oracle which helped him determine where new novenas could occur around the world. He was often assisted by members of his own society and often new societies were formed during or after the novenas were performed.

In time many of the world's social and economic problems were addressed, and later resolved, by each society as being a member of a society became the norm. Much later, governments were restructured so that they would be composed of representatives of each society. During this time our world experienced peace and properity never before seen on this planet.