Sitting - being
Sound flows through me
Breaking up
New Maya
Temporary vibration
Destroying more permanent illusion.
It was getting pretty boring anyway.
Interacting with the prasadam was fun for my mouth
Satisfying for the stomach.
My teacher says satisfying words as well
So that tomorrow I sing in peace.

The peace didnít come when it was announce!
That fat swami must have spoiled it all.
He gave the concept: distractions.
All is related to all and is going forward in time
But the distraction concept is pretty unsettling.
What happened to my peace!
Had to work for it.
Used to
have It
Ďs OK.  I understand.  Youíre OK.
I love you.
Iíll just sit here and close my
  eyes, ears, nose and throat.
Need to adjust the valves,
Check the flow.  Not too much harm in the checking.

Radiation always mutates chromazomes
But if youíre only getting a chest x-ray, I guess itís ok.
Tomorrow I need to change my hair,
 Throw down three pairs of jeans
  And sit around a lot.  You know?

Can one get bored with the active life?
 A bored activist.
  Apathetic activity.
Let us work through our indulgences,
 Only until we are working for our indulgences.

What is a primary reinforcer?
Does true reason only come after the death of
 the amygdala: f(4f) [feeding, fighting, fleeing and mating]
We must make the word of God as enticing as possible.
Give them only what they are capable of comprehending.
Use single word concepts:

Closeness (as in closeness to God) - converging on a point
 The limit of 0 as x approaches 3 = infinity

Use visual aides:

  _____ |______

Distraction - Unsettling
Can any experience be considered a waste of time?

That answers my question, but why do I feel this way?
 f(4f).  How crude!

Discriminating distractions is very distressing
But we all need a rest donít we?
I want you approval.
Why canít you do what I want you to?
Is that so selfish?
But I wonít go into name calling.
You mustnít interfere with a spinning mind.
Not all thoughts should be manifest into words.
Quiet doesnít really mean anything,
Only the worldís been seized by the Devil,
Thatís all.

Except for a few more words.
Iím sorry I keep talking, you see
The quiet is so distracting, I mean
Except for the the sound of the war drums drumming lightly in the distance.
(They must be drumminí pretty loud for me to hear them at all!)