A Camping Activity

Tonight, I want to lie in the forest face down with my mouth chewing out its essence.
I also want to defecate and rot
   so that something of myself
   goes back into the Earth.

As a human being,
 I know I need to do something
   and this is what I want to do.
Time will be needed for me to rot completely.

As a human being,
 I know I need to keep grasping
   and never let go.
 This is the best way for me to do my part
   and be a part of the ecosystem.

I will gnaw on the Earth along the shoreline
   so that half my body
   can more quickly begin rotting
   while the rest  keeps gnawing.

Perhaps I should gnaw with my hands as well.
My gnawing will make an impression in the Earth
   which will better
   allow her
   to swallow me up;
When my time comes.

This is give and take
   and is,
   without doubt,
The best way to live!