“Moving through the web between the forms.”

    There seems to be a body I call myself which distinguishes itself from everything which is outside it.  The skin feels itself as a boundary  and a barrier against the wind blowing against it.  Objects do not penetrate it without causing it pain or doing harm by letting out the body’s vital blood.  Where exactly does the separation between what is outside and what is inside actually occur?  If I close my eyes in a hot and humid place, like New Orleans, the heat and moisture from my body seem to flow continuously into the air around me.  The sounds of very loud music vibrate everything in a large space including the little bit contained by my body.  Thus, sound moves through me blurring the boundaries between what sight discriminates as individual objects.  Light seems to make each object seem more distinct because it seems to  “bounce” off the objects.  Objects are trailed by their shadows which are caused by the blocking of the light.  Yet, physicists tell us now that “reflections” are actually photon exchanges among countless electrons.  In some sense my body emits the “light” it seems to reflect.  I can see all objects as glowing while being fed energy from an outside source.  Some probabilistic consistencies create the the phenomena we count on when we look into a mirror and determine what is in our environment.  With this new perception the boundaries between objects are again blurred.  My skin no longer keeps light or sound from penetrating my body,  My elements are just part of the flow of all the others in my environment.  However, my speaking of  elements seems to imply the existence of separate and distinct entities, each with their own impenetrable boundaries.  Again, this notion collapses with quantum theory.  Everything continues to be reducible to smaller, less stable (and definable) parts.  Perhaps only our ideas of things truly separate one thing from the next and thinking of objects as being separate and distinct is merely a useful habit we humans have acquired through time; something like observing geographic boundaries.  What is Texas, for instance?  Is it the dirt between certain rivers, latitudes and longitudes?  If it also contains the space above the ground, how far up (or out) does it go?  When I enter the state do I become a part of Texas or does the space of my body displace it?  Would being a part of Texas have other strange implications?  Is one really ever the same after “being Texas?”
    If it is so difficult to determine the boundaries between things, how can one “move through the web BETWEEN the forms?”  There does not seem to really be a physical “between” because there seems to be nothing which is not.  The “between” that we seek is a pure idea which is not based on our experience; the idea of pure emptiness, not as a negation, but as nothing/never-existed.  We do not experience this kind of nothing because we always see something flowing into the space left by anything which leaves the space.  Even the emptiness of the space outside Earth’s atmosphere is not really empty though it may seem relatively so.  The Greek notion of creation coming out of “chaos” into definable forms seems closer to our experience than the idea of something coming from nothing because “nothing” is so difficult to understand.  Perhaps this “nothing” is the ultimate mystery sought by mystics throughout human history--which can can only really be fully realized in Death.

Hold my hand so that we may become one body.
Together we will fly unencumbered by matter
While we merge into the purity of non-being.

When we merge into the purity of non-being
We are nolonger ourselves nor have we ever been.
Though all may vanish I will be one with you.

    If what separates objects is merely our idea of them, then theoretically the separation may disappear simply by thinking differently.  People in a music ensemble become one soul when performing.  They share the same approximate space which is permeated by their collective sounds.  Dancers move in response to each other so all their movements together seem to be a part of one body.  Lovers may combine both of these art forms while they physically are inside one another.  Must one be in the same approximate space in order to become “one” with another human being?  Our imaginations are own only limitations and certainly Death is the ultimate unifier in that all become less than one.