Appreciate Yourself

I am  playdough
Going through a garlic press
For a child's gourmet feast.

I am a bumpy bag of water
Carrying sharp stones
Threatening to puncture the skin.

I am a cauldron cooking
Filled to the brim with excrement
From various bodily organs.

I am the supreme cause of refuse
Embrasing entropy as my guide and rule
Sacrificing myself by my own decay.

Of watermelons, I am the rine.
Of litters, I am the runt.
Of teeth, I am the cavity and the diseased gum.
Of animals, I am the slug.

I am the accumulation of earwax
That hardens then oozes out
When flushed with firm but gentle pressure.

I am the blind date
That grabs your tits
Before the car door closes.

Of living beings, I am those that feed on dying flesh.
Of cities, I am Detroit.

I am the stomach cramps, gas,
And bloody shits
That come from drinking too much COLA!

I am the pimple
That forms itself
At the edge of one's nostril.

Of plants, I am ragweed and Dallas grass.
Of politicians, I am Jesse Helms, Dick Armey, and David Duke.